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Credit Card

Anyone who opens an may apply for a free Ahlighton Wealth Management Card. It's the card that works like a check, anywhere VISA, MASTERCARD is accepted. It also serves as an ATM card at any PULSE/CIRRUS/DASH affiliated Automatic Teller Machine or PULSEPAY terminal.

  • Choose your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) at your nearest Ahlighton Wealth Management. There is no fee for withdrawals or transactions at ATMs we operate. There is a fee for transactions at other ATMs.
  • There is no charge or annual fee for using the CheckCard in place of writing a check. No identification or checkbook to carry. All CheckCard purchases are identified on your monthly statement.
  • To report lost or stolen Ahlighton Wealth Management Checkcards or ATM Cards: Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm

We make it easy to choose the credit card that is right for you, including Visa (trademark symbol), MasterCard ™ Gold, Platinum Visa and the Visa Flex Miles Cards that reward you with free airline tickets. These cards are accepted worldwide at businesses, financial institutions and ATMs. MasterCard® and VISA® Card applications are available at all Ahlighton Wealth Management location. Credit Cards are subject to credit approval.